How to apply for the recognition procedure

You can apply in several ways:


You can submit the documents personally in the office of the National Information Center in Moscow. Go up to the second floor, then follow the corridor and then to the right.

You have to fill out a questionnaire and receive a barcode (application number) in the terminal hall. You should submit the documents to the office consultant who will check up your documents and power of attorney. The office check them. The office consultant cannot recommend you neither translation bureau nor the notary. Please accept this statement with understanding. If you want to complain about the office consultant, you can fill out this form.

If your documents are correct, the office consultant give you a ticket for the electronic queue. When your number is lighted up on the light board, you shall proceed to the appropriate counter. You shall submit a ticket for the electronic queue and a barcode as well as the documents to the customer relations specialist. This specialist also can reveal a mistake in the documents. Please accept this statement with understanding.

The specialist gives you an acknowledgment (please notice, the receipt without stamp) and a receipt for payment of a state fee. 

By the mail.

We accept documents from any delivery services.

In addition to the set of the documents, you have to put into the parcel post the following documents:

  1. Filled application form for the recognition procedure;

  2. Filled form for sending back;

  3. Barcode of the questionnaire (in this case you have to fill the questionnaire online);

Your application will be processed within 5 days after receiving. The effectiveness of the distance service is very important to us. If you want to complain about the distance service work you can fill out and send this form.

After processing your documents, you will receive either back call or Е-mail. It’s desirable to specify an email address because the post office don’t guarantee the delivery in time. If you have not the email address, ask your relatives or friends for the assistance.

If submitted set of documents is correct, you will get a link to a receipt for the payment of the state fee and an acknowledgment. In case there are some mistakes, you will get an email about it.

Your personal information is protected because our server uses encrypt. SSL-certificate can be verified.

Nowadays any post service provides the ability to track the delivery. For example, "The Post of Russia" has introduced the ability to search the mail on its web site. 

Through «Mail box» in the National Information Center in Moscow. 

In case you haven’t enough time for waiting in queue, you can submit a set of documents through «Мail box», which is located in office.

For this you have to:

- write an application for the recognition procedure personally (form can be taken from a office consultant);

- fill out the questionnaire on a computer in a terminal hall or online and put a barcode from questionnaire in the set of documents;

- check the completeness of a set of the documents with a consultant.

Please notice that:

- you need to put into «Mail box» originals of the certificates and supplements, theirs notary copies and their translations;

- the an acknowledgment and receipt for the payment of the state fee will be sent to you by email within a period not exceeding 10 days (you need to specify your email while answering on questionnaire);

Through The portal of public services.