How to pay the state fee

In accordance with the Tax Code of the Russian Federation for the issuance of the Certificate of Recognition shall be paid the state fee. The amount of the state fee is 6500 rubles for one Certificate (from January 1, 2015).

You receive a receipt for payment of the state fee when you apply for recognition procedure or you can get it by e-mail (in this case you need to specify your email address) or by regular mail.

You have to pay the state fee before getting the Certificate of Recognition. Please notice that the information from banks about your payment may come with a delay.

While receiving the documents for the recognition procedure we give a receipt for payment of the state fee modeled after Sberbank of Russia. Sometimes employees of Sberbank of Russia say that receipts with the wrong requisites. In this case, please, simply contact another branch because all requisites of the receipts are correct.

Please notice that payment shall be made only in rubles. The banks carry out the operations in rubles without any problems in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Applicants from other countries usually ask relatives or friends in Russia to pay a state fee on their behalf. Please do not lose the paid receipt because according to Russian legislation you must provide a document confirming a payment of a state fee.

Other fees for the recognition procedure are not charged since 2011.