The procedure of foreign education recognition

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Процедура признания иностранного образования в НИЦ

The foreign education and (or) qualifications recognition in the Russian Federation means the official confirmation of importance (level) acquired abroad education and (or) qualifications with granting academic, professional, and (or) other rights to the owners. The decision on recognition is taken by Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science (in abbreviated form - Rosobrnadzor).

How to legalize documents for use in the Russian Federation

For use in the Russian Federation issued by the authorities of foreign state documents should undergo the procedure of legalization. The exceptions are the documents obtained in the countries with which Russia has agreements abolishing the requirement of legalization.

How to collect a set of documents for the recognition procedure

A set of documents to be submitted for the recognition procedure must be in accordance with the requirements of the Russian legislation.

How to apply for the recognition procedure

Apply for the recognition of foreign education and (or) a foreign qualification can be in person, by mail or through the portal of public services.

How to pay a state fee

For the issuance of the Certificate of Recognition shall be paid a state fee, the amount of which is established by the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

How to check the status of the documents

You can trace the course of consideration of submitted documents online. 

How to get the Certificate of Recognition

You can get the results of the recognition procedure in any convenient manner - depending on your location. 

Samples of application forms

Samples of application forms for submitting to the National Information Center and samples of their filling.