The International Seminar on Transnational Education

The International Seminar on Transnational Education was held in Moscow, Russia, on September 29th, 2017. The seminar was organized within the framework of the meeting hosted under the authority of the Ministry of Education and Science and Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science. The conference was set up by the Main State Center for Education Evaluation (Glavexpertcentr).

About 50 participants including foreign participants from National Information Centers of Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Estonia attended the seminar. Stakeholders from 33 educational establishments who have the autonomous right to recognize foreign education and qualification attended the Seminar. The universities were represented by the heads and top specialists of International Cooperation Departments, International Admission Offices, Universities Recognition Centers, etc.

President of the Lisbon Recognition Convention Committee Mr Gunnar Vaht gave an expert’s view on the recent activities concerning the Lisbon Recognition Convention and Global perspectives.

Mr Gunnar Vaht also highlighted the importance of national online information systems and quality of information provision.

Themes of the conference had a focus on the following areas of recognition and quality assessment and activities:

  • types and formats of transnational education,
  • specialties of transnational education recognition,
  • the fraud in the international higher education,
  • recognition of qualifications held by refugees,
  • the transnational aspect of the medical qualification recognition,
  • the importance of international associations membership.

The seminar on transnational education recognition provided a site for sharing the knowledge and experience acquired in this country and abroad, and an opportunity to exchange and develop ideas with peers on topical issues that increasingly come to the surface.